North Shore Hussies - "No Reason" weekend 23-25th August

NSH3 No Reason Weekend 2019


The NSH3 No reason Weekend was held on the 23rd to 25th August 2019 at the Huia Lodge in Huia. Had 22 hashers attend the weekend all either current or ex NSH3 or NWH3 hashers, the furthest traveller being FUCT from Waikanae closely followed by Metal & Petal, Patangata & Gonzo, Rotorua the rest being from the Greater Auckland area.

Friday night kicked off with usual meet and greet and getting merry with some playing games and other just kicking back as hashers do. A quiet nite with the last heading for the sleep sack at 1am, must be a sign of the times.

Saturday morning kicked off with a hearty breakfast before the run / walk set off at 11am in perfect sunshine but howling cold wind. The trail was down the road to the beach and along the beach, wet feet was a certainty thru Huia past the café and the back roads up to the Huia Point look out for the PS & lunch stop. Funny that the highest point in the area was also the most sheltered from the wind and really warm as the lunch stop was going to be back at the beach but it was a cold spot with wind howling in from the Manukau Harbour.

A circle was held at the lunch stop with fines going to the visitors and also to a virgin hasher Joy, Toe Jobs Plus 1, plus a good number of fines from the floor for various misdemeanours. Another circle was held back at the lodge for 2 reasons, one being the GM forgot it was Brucilla’s 600th NSH3 run and that Gwad Knows did a AH3 presentation to FUCT for his 400th AH3 run shirt, the shirt had been sitting in the salt ice cooling down for him.

The walk home from Huia Point was a leisurely one with some doing extra and going up to dam and also visiting the Huia settler’s museum which had opened up in the afternoon. Stories from past happenings in the area told Saturday afternoon and evening.

Saturday dinner was a bang up affair of roast beef with roasted vegetables for the main with a cheese cake for dessert. The rest of the evening was some playing games and the usual downing of the various liquid refreshments.


Sunday morning was a little bit wet as had some heavy down pours over night. A hearty breakfast had by all and managed to carry out the recovery run in the dry as well as the clean up after a great weekend with everybody pitching in to make it a really great weekend of hashing for no reason.

DT Deepthroat