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Our annual Christmas dinner was) organised by Cannibal and Magic. 3rd July St James Hall

AGPU Saturday May 4th 2019       3pm   Cannibal the new GM

Walk/Run: We joined the Runners and Walkers Club on Saturday morning for the inaugural K2-Riverbanks 15K event (plenty of scope for shortcutting) taking in Kerikeri’s new tracks and waterfalls, finishing at St. James Hall for a BBQ sandwich lunch then heading out to Puketi Forest for AGPU Dinner and Sunday brunch


Thanks to DB & Dogs Roll for setting a great run-walk on Limestone Island.  Late Feb.

About 40 turned up with friends and family. Beautiful evening on the beach sharing food with a bunch of misfits. We all met at the Piss Stop on the top of the island while Dogs Roll gave us a bit of history about the island and all the work that has been carried out. There are about 50 Kiwi running around…..


Big walking weekend in Mangawhai  -  29 March.

This event was held over the weekend of the 29th March, there were lots of walks and similar events including our hash run. Saturday afternoon, the usually sold out wine and food festival kicks off,  this function always rocks, all profits from the whole weekend go to the upkeep of our local tracks.


Wot Wife presented with patch for his 80 year birthday.  

Obs is moving to live on Great Barrier Island.   Will be very difficult to make Hash on a Monday !!

AGPU coming up 26th August


Plunder and Phantom on tour in Europe in their flash camper.  With their own website. 


AGM held 21st May.  A very pleasant dinner enjoyed by the Hash.  Outgoing GM is Hissy Fit.  New GM is Weeek.  Yes with 3 e’s !!  


No Reason weekend coming up.   Whorepiss, Hooka, and Joe90 all down to Nomad. 


The WOEFULL had a hash on a rare Monday in April.  Partially due to the Worm getting side-swiped by an anti-eco warrior.  The next day, his able-bodied partner, Bird Table was somehow injured.  We suspect that it was due to The Worm's bandages but have no evidence to go on.

 Our next blue moon month isn't until November of next year. Members of the WOEFULL get to add a blue patch to their shirt if they make it to both runs for any month that has two full moons. We get a white patch sewn on for every 13 runs.


March 16-17 - Mr Magoo's fishing weekend was probably a bit more subdued than usual. Us 4 Mooloo hussies being the only ones to catch any fish was probably not helpful to lifting morale after Chopper's passing. But we had a great time and we did share our kahawai leftovers with Sir Cream A Lot! 

A good attendance at the Raglan weekend. 

AGM set for 21st September. Eastside Tavern 1pm. 


Mount Hash in shock with the news of the sudden passing of Chopper.  Larger than life character.  12th March.     

Bustits leading the Mount organising of Raglan run weekend in May.  

The Mounts 2 welsh hashers Up da Rear and Down the Front left to return to UK.  Send off at Gnash and Mildews run hosted by Humpy and Perky. 

Tony of Tauranga AKA Bluevain the new Father of Mount Hash. 


Hash planning trip in August to visit Daisy in Rarotonga.  8 confirmed so far.   Also a group of locals also visiting in June and DT and Fire from Wellington taking family over there in July.   Daisy loving life over there - you will find him at the Fishing Club on Wednesday and Friday nights.  Hash on Mondays. 

Noodles all recovered from hip operation. 


9th March Saturday -  Cheese Rolling

We are planning a 500th run for end of November down at the new revitalized Mangakino.     More details - see upcoming events !!


Rigid and Wantie  worked with Wendy and Toyboy to organise  Nomad at Queens Birthday weekend.  Bushlands campground.   A great weekend.  

Wantie has secured a new Marquee for the Hash.  Maybe to be used at an Energiser weekend which is in early stages of planning.  

Wantie and Rigid off to Eurohash in August with crowd of Kiwis. 


Red Riding Hood  attended Nomad on Queens Birthday weekend this year, rather than being one of the organisers.  However this did not stop her being a head Cocktail mixer at the Cocktail party on the Sunday. 


Pania  hosting the next Nash Hash.  Elected unopposed at Nash Hash.  Website up and running.  Already well over the 200 mark for early regos.  A few venue changes in the wind.  Chairman of NH21 is Metal Mickey. 

AGPU held late July  - Likka now sole RA or maybe that is  GM. 


2 recent arrivals from Cyprus -  Tuneful Trumper and Zebedee, now living permanently in Palmerston North.  Represented the hash at Nomad.    


AGPU held on Easter Monday.  All names going into hat for incoming GM, as everyone has been GM before.  Spike is the lucky winner 


AGM Monday 15th April  - Kampong restaurant.  Outgoing Ayotollah Small Thing handed over to Fatboy.  And outgoing RA and Monk High Heels and Hood handed over to Crazy Horse and Possum.

High Heel’s annual birthday pub crawl held on July 13th.  A lineup of 9 craft beer bars, many of them rooftop bars.  About 14 intrepid hashers staggered round inner city Wellington.   

3 WHHHers ventured to Winter Camp - He’ll Keep (renamed for South Island), Tripod and ABC


AGM Easter Monday held at Nip L Peenk’s place.  JJ and Nipple confirmed as new Joint Masters.  Handle and Geestring reconfirmed as Hash Kash and On Sec.  Recycled Virgin rang in from Canada and offered herself as Baby Ayotollah. With good hash humor her offered was politely declined.  FOYC………….

Capital 2000th set for weekend of April 3-5th 2020.   Location TBA, but at this stage could be Wainui Scout camp, or other semi-local similar facilities, i.e. bunks, cabins, powered sites, tent sites.

Doubles as a pre-lube to Interhash 2020.  It is a week before Easter and a week before School Holidays

Handle recently completed Russia Hash Vodkha train trip, returning in time for Winter Camp


AGM Tuesday 9th April.  Outgoing GM Stickie and RA’s Backseat and Dayglo handed over to new GM Fishy FIngers with RA’s K9 and Dolly.  Sourpuss (NZ champion Ironman - in over 70’s) is the new Hash Kash and has only been scammed once so far on his and Phillippajug’s current holiday in Europe. 

Broken ankles dogging the GM’s.  Both outgoing GM Stickie and Incoming GM Fishy FIngers are now on crutches.  Fishy fell out of a tree while chainsawing.  

Backseat off to Europe to walk one of those pilgrim trails with her sister

Treetop and Twiggy off on 3 month holiday to UK.  Oggy ON Sec in Treetop’s absence


Azmud is now officially an Ironwoman. Completed Taupo 2019.

Headcase returned to Hash and his RA duties after his recent knee operation.  A stellar effort to do part of recent hash run on crutches.  Auntie recently retired after 60 years with the Army.  



TTT hash soldiering on after the big loss of founder Recycled Virgin to Canada, where you can’t say certain words beginning with C.  


25 Year anniversary coincided with the AGPU.  Hosted by Mimi with a progressive dinner on Saturday April 6th.   Committee including GM Shagus returned en masse as they have been doing such a great job. 
The day stretched from 11am to 1am. 

Nelson Winter Camp at St Anaud on the weekend of 21st to 23rd June

Mimi and Stroker off to Eurohash in August


Hosting Nelson hash run in April.   And a working bee weekend in May for the Nelson hash.  Double figure turnout 

WENDY and Toyboy part of the organizing crew for Nomad.  A stellar job done.  


Okains Bay Weekend 17th to 19th May .   Weather cut the original group of 20 down to 12, but a good time had by all.  Whiskey tasting on the friday.  Scenic run on the Saturday.  

Winter Camp this year was 19-21 July.   Glenroy Camp, Glenfunnel.   Hosted by Garden City.  See Recent events for write-up. 


RA Games held annually were held in April by the RA being 5F's which after a short run the games consisted of egg throwing, tug-o-war, sack races. A few injuries and bruises to show after a very competitive night!


May the 4th be with you!! CH2H3 held their AGM on 4th May being a Stars Wars theme.  20+ Hashers turned up Avebury House for a fun filled night. There were a few Princess Leias, a Clone Trooper, a Revan or two, some Darth Vaders and even an Alien. Workshirka clocked up 300 runs and the new Committee was sworn in. The suckers were: GM - STD; JM - 5F's; RA - OO7; Scribe - Navi & Nice Butt; Hash Drays - Beep Beep & EmDef; Habberdashery - RLD.

Many a sore head the next day proved it was yet a great night at another CH2H3 AGM..


Blackball Weekend 15-17 March. Hosted by Wee Knackers at Blackball.   A great weekend again thanks to Knackers and philup (who catered two weddings on Saturday while Knackers sorted us out.

Good trip over with observations about the amount of scree on the mountains. Much more erosion than I remember!! Bloody traffic lights each side of Arthurs and then a detour on gravel after Brunner. However, the highlight there was the Jack Hill school miniature bungalow built by students (young) in the 1930’s rather than them just doing the three R’s.

A trooper of an evening preceded by a cook up for self, Triple S, RLD and cuddles on the famous Dagy Webber. A night of playing and singing and drinking on the balcony of the Hilton with no one feeling any pain (apart from when I tried to sing)

Saturday morning and a race up to the community hall to meet Ivan the Mancunian, fresh off his bike. (You had to be there….why were you not???) Cooked up a storm with Knackers then cleaned up and a live hare (Dingaling) dishing out a good run although second half predictable once we started. (According to The Missing Linc)

Sat avo and a shower followed by a good session of music with Bolyx, Vomi, self and Tucker Fucker. Joined later by FFFFF on the vocals. A raucous end before dinner and then a waddle down to the club for the evening and dancing to a not bad rock band.

Breaky Sun and a repeat of Sat morn before a wee walk, circle and fare thee wells.

A top weekend! Thanks to Wee Knackers and philup, Ding and STD for doing the money and patches.

Nash Hash for some booze and everyone for making it a top weekend. . 


Dunedin Hashers Sirloin, Lippy , Shorty,  Cock Cooker and Flat on Your Back attended the  annual  Southern Flyers Riverton Sunday run. Whitebait fritters (More like steaks) were served pre run along with plenty of beer. The run was not arduous but a gentle wander around Riverton then a swim in the sea.

1400th run held July 7th


Riverton Run from Brewer - We had a Hash walk, grogs etc at our holiday home at Riverton Rocks on Sunday, 24 March. We do this annually in February/March and Sirloin spotted it on our Facebook page. As it was Otago anniversary day on the Monday he, Lippy and Shorty came down in their bus and stayed the night at Riverton. Another two Dunedin hashers also came for the afternoon (their names elude me at the moment). All up we had just on 20 there, good food, drinks and fun – including a swim in the sea over the road from the house for about five!!! Finally ended about 10 pm with a couple of our hashers helping Sirloin finish a bottle of whiskey in his bus. All in all a great day! Only loose plans at this stage but it is likely we will meet the Dunedin hashers somewhere half way between Invercargill and Dunedin later in the year for a night.

Recent visit by NZGM Shunter along with 2Jugs and fellow travellers Humpy and Perky.  2Jugs celebrated in the circle when the Pub shouted not only 2 jugs of beer, but 2 jugs of water

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