North Shore Hussies - "No Reason" weekend 23-25th August

NSH3 No Reason Weekend 2019


The NSH3 No reason Weekend was held on the 23rd to 25th August 2019 at the Huia Lodge in Huia. Had 22 hashers attend the weekend all either current or ex NSH3 or NWH3 hashers, the furthest traveller being FUCT from Waikanae closely followed by Metal & Petal, Patangata & Gonzo, Rotorua the rest being from the Greater Auckland area.

Friday night kicked off with usual meet and greet and getting merry with some playing games and other just kicking back as hashers do. A quiet nite with the last heading for the sleep sack at 1am, must be a sign of the times.

Saturday morning kicked off with a hearty breakfast before the run / walk set off at 11am in perfect sunshine but howling cold wind. The trail was down the road to the beach and along the beach, wet feet was a certainty thru Huia past the café and the back roads up to the Huia Point look out for the PS & lunch stop. Funny that the highest point in the area was also the most sheltered from the wind and really warm as the lunch stop was going to be back at the beach but it was a cold spot with wind howling in from the Manukau Harbour.

A circle was held at the lunch stop with fines going to the visitors and also to a virgin hasher Joy, Toe Jobs Plus 1, plus a good number of fines from the floor for various misdemeanours. Another circle was held back at the lodge for 2 reasons, one being the GM forgot it was Brucilla’s 600th NSH3 run and that Gwad Knows did a AH3 presentation to FUCT for his 400th AH3 run shirt, the shirt had been sitting in the salt ice cooling down for him.

The walk home from Huia Point was a leisurely one with some doing extra and going up to dam and also visiting the Huia settler’s museum which had opened up in the afternoon. Stories from past happenings in the area told Saturday afternoon and evening.

Saturday dinner was a bang up affair of roast beef with roasted vegetables for the main with a cheese cake for dessert. The rest of the evening was some playing games and the usual downing of the various liquid refreshments.


Sunday morning was a little bit wet as had some heavy down pours over night. A hearty breakfast had by all and managed to carry out the recovery run in the dry as well as the clean up after a great weekend with everybody pitching in to make it a really great weekend of hashing for no reason.

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DT Deepthroat
AUCKLAND HHH AGM - Monday 26th August

Auckland Hash House Harriers

Trash 26th August 2019 AGM

Mercury Lane

here weren’t a lot of runners, Dio, Shakes, Phantom, Bighorn, Bushbanger, Wot Wife and your



Copped another as next years Hash Cash. ‘You’re dumb….’

Joint Masters are Dio and Demon “they ought to be publicly…’

Xdresser Scribe ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow..?

Loose Change fined for coveting the topless waitresses skirt ‘B-I-M-B-O……’

Trailmaster Demon. ‘Here’s to this prick…’

Xdresser fined for usurping the GM by sending the waitress over to him suggesting he get on with

the circle.

Shakes made himself Registrar

Cum Kwik was made the Fines Master. Given that he lives in Thames one suspects that some

form of telepathy may be required. Skype perhaps? ‘You’re stupid….’

GM was named as China. He attempted to protest and commenced what would have been a long

diatribe had he not been interrupted by the pack who drowned him out with ‘Hold it in your Mrs


Run of the year Nellie – January. This run incapacitated the GM. Good choice.

Worst run of Year – Bighorn. Washed out not too many there and a few food issues. Unlucky for

a bloke who puts so much effort into his runs.

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DT Deepthroat
Raglan Weekend

Raglan Weekend

The weekend began in great fashion with a crew of hardened Hashers visiting the Raglan Club/ RSA for a Friday night meal and catch up, with a few watching the rugby on the big screen. Sadly the weather changed for the worse with strong winds and heavy rain. Trail masters Loud and Macwatt had their work cut out setting the trail between scattered showers and horizontal winds. The weather eased early afternoon and the forty strong group hit the trail ....the trail wound along boardwalks on the Eastern side to the historic wharf area ...then a “few” dreaded steps up to a great outlook over Raglan harbour. Then a short bush track and up and over to the western side of the harbour.This led to an awesome bush track along the estuary. Loud was there for the first hydration break ...this was special with a great variety of beverages kindly donated by him. This was also the split for the short walk, while the runners and keen walkers wound their way around the picturesque estuary back to the P.S - around 8 km in total.

We were fortunate that our NZ GM was present and he conducted the usual uncontrollable fine session.

The great facility at the Raglan Holiday Park allowed all to slip off for hot showers etc in preparation for the Food and the “Silly Hat Theme” evening.

An awesome time was had by all ...great food with some highly coveted prizes -blue tooth speaker, knives very kindly donated Holmes Industrial Supplies Tradezone (Muff Diver). These were well appreciated....thanks Muffy.

A big thank you to all that helped, especially Bustits and Couldn’t Cum. Rumour has it that Ducph was an early riser and did a big early morning cleanup.

All in all a great weekend.

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DT Deepthroat
Nomad 2019 @ Bushlands Tangarakau 1st-3RD June

Another great time had by all at Nomad over Queens Birthday weekend .  Over 60 hashers enjoyed the balmy temperatures of Bushlands Campground, 20km from the Iconic Whangamomona pub along the Forgotten Highway. 

Winter was well and truly arrived with a flooded creek and soggy campground.  But with ample firewood stocks brought in by Humpy (Mount) and Big R’s (Energy), there were 2 roaring fires going nearly 24 hours a day. 

The organisers Wantie and Rigid (Energy, Toyboy and WENDY (Takaka),  and Mimi (Nelson) did a fabulous job trucking in the food and booze supplies as well as cooking the meals and generally organising the weekend.  No one went hungry and the booze lasted nicely.   Last keg finished late Sunday night and the cider and cocktails filled the void for the rest of the night.  

The weekend kicked off mid afternoon Saturday with many travellers having an entrée drink at the Whangamomona pub on the way in.  At the Campground good country beers Tui and Speights flowed along with the cider.   A jukebox kept the music going into the night.  Zero temperatures away from the fires but everyone was well prepared for the elements. 

Sunday morning and Capital hashers Handle and Geestring were up early cooking a steady supply of bacon and eggs for the masses.   Hare Rigid announced run start at 11amish.   Word filters through that there will be a keg plus boxes of cider at the Piss-stop.    

Run starts and it is soon apparent that the pack consists of ONE runner (Gaytee Geris) and the rest walkers. Gumboots abounding.  A quad bike, carrying the keg and  driven by one of the camp owners,  passes the pack.  Unfortunately there is a slip, half a km from the PS, which the quad bike cannot get past.  So the sole runner and 3 fast walkers (all from Wellington) have to earn their beer by carrying the full keg to the PS.  This is a very scenic amphitheatre, bathed in sunshine. Valiant attempts by the beer drinkers to cut the keg.  It is finally cut on the journey home with Xerox, Humpy and Duck offering helpful encouragement. 

Circle is led by incoming NZGM Shunter.  Hares and organisers recognized.  First time Nomad hashers Tripod, ABC, Porkbox and High Heels from Wellington and Zebedee and Tuneful Trumper Cyprus, now Palmerston North. Other fines for late and stupid hashers.   Lots of lusty singing.  Likka given fine for starting the whole Nomad thing, with Daisy (currently working in Rarotonga)

Circle over and the traditional cocktail party is soon in full swing.   Red Riding Hood, Teazmaid and LGFM are the early cocktail hostesses.   It is not long before the guitars come out with Xerox and Perky a great duo.  Revs is soon singing her best hash songs.   A number of the campground owners join the party. 

 As darkness descends Mongo treats the Hash to a memorable fireworks display.   One large banger explodes in the fire drum, accompanied soon after by a rather insincere “sorry” from Mongo.

Dinner served and the jukebox, guitarists, singers and cocktails continue into the night.  

Monday morning and it is breakfast and clean-up time.   Congratulations to everyone for a great weekend.   

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DT Deepthroat

A great turnout to the South Island winter camp. Revs, Joe 90, Cums on ceiling, Tastes like shit, Dogs, Geestring, Handle, Oxy, Missing Link, Mimi, Dagy, Fingers, SSS, Small Black, Diabolyx, Nazal Cum, Lip Splitter, Worka, ABC, Klingon, KTT, Firkin, Xerox, Toyboy, Vasie, Steve, Skidz, Brick, Emdef, He'll keep, Horny, MasterBaker, Text Tit, Tripod, Dingaling, Shunter, two jugs, Planks WC, RLD, Bin Pissen, ABC’, pannikin cider, Stroker , Jelly legs, OO7, Fe Fi,  Jenn@tals,  Loco

 46 hashers on my list from Klingon, including a great turnout from the North Island. Good to see the national events getting good numbers from around NZ.


A big thanks to the organisers from Gardencity HHH. What an excellent job you hashers made of making this event one to remember (Goody bag Bus transport on Saturday, catered lunch and dinner on Saturday + two  breakfasts, together with endless beer and wine) and entertaining circles which my room mate He'll Keep from WH3 now named Crash Test Drunky provided lots of fine fodder for his quick exit down some stairs at 4am on Saturday morning. This required a visit from the Ambulence from Christchurch.  Thanks to the Health and Safety officers Xerox, Fe Fi Fo and Toy Boy who happened to be on duty at the time and made some quick thinking decisions to get medical help.


Friday evening arrived met with a warm welcome and laughter from

Daggy and Klingon who quickly allocated our room and introduced us to the crew and showed us where the Kegs were.

A large log fire helped warm the convivial greetings in the communal

mess hall of the lodge, with two bunk room wings off each side.

The party got going and before too long the loud racket of the hash doing what if does best was in full party mode until my departure at 3am Sat.

The party moved up to the Mezzanine where four guitarists/entertainers Xerox Jenn@tals Daggy and one other played and sang to the well oiled party goers.


Saturday after a large cooked breakfast and more refreshments the hangover was calming down and off up the road 44 hashers marched.

except for Crash Test Drunky  who was resting after his Superman act the night before.

Confined to camp for the day and thanks to RLD who kindly gave up her day staying behind to look after him.

We arrived at the first piss stop a click or so up the road then a bus appeared (All aboard and Revs started to sing her many songs so the party was in full swing again at no later than 11am.

Visited Glentunnel Museum with lots of mining history around the Coalgate area on display and Handle found a distant relative in the archives.

A quick walk around the camping ground back on bus for more songs from Revs and more beer.

More good fun then off for a walk and river crossing winding up at

Hororata Cafe for lunch and more beer washed down with home made pizza and pies.

And I did find a latte.

Back on bus for more athletics then straight to the country pub in Coalgate

with log burner warming us and many games of pool (that Xerox plays dirty pool)

Arriving back at camp around 4pm the bus driver thanks us all for the helpful directions we all provided on the home journey LEFT RIGHT LEFT.   

No time for napping the circle kicked in with Daggy Shunter and Committee up front

then Xerox - Small Black - Fe Fi Fo re-inacting the medical emergency from the night before with Crash Test laid out on the floor assisting in the re-inactment.

Circle closed with fines from the floor then more beers/wines 

then a sumptuous catered meal of roast pork, chicken, tatties and some salady stuff,

I have a hazy recollection of desert or maybe it was seconds from the first course.

More wood on the fire and the Duke Box fired and worked tonight, Bin Pissin did a heart stopping sing along to (Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel song) Don't give up, which silenced the room in awe of her singing. 

A more subduded hash party as it was a big day out although I made it to mid night and went to bed while male hashers starting running around with no clothes on, along with a few hussies not wanting to be left out.


Sunday was the usual hearty breakfast recovery run around the building and a final circle naming He'll Keep to CTD and Steve partner of Vasie was named He'll Keep, a interim name given to hashers until they commit an act worthy of naming it seems.

Clean up and goodbyes took another few hours as some drained the last of the red wine port and purple death provided in a plastic bladder contained in the goody bag.

SSS got stuck and required a tow as he was in a-little too much of a hurry to leave and floored his van in wet grass,

Xerox - CTD - Fe Fi Fo - Emdef - planks WC - Toyboy and myself finished the event with a few more beers at a country pub near Darfield where the tales and lies of the weekend were told and re told.


Thanks DaggyKlingon and organisers for this memorable event so well organised and looked after us all very well but for christ sake next year put the price up as it was too cheap at $130 happy to pay more as I suspect the event had been subsidised by Gargencityhhh.

There was a professional photographer attended Text Tit who took allot of photos which will now be with the organisers Klingon "I think"


None of my facts can be relied upon




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DT Deepthroat
Nash Hash 2019, Hanmer Springs, 1-3rd Feb 2019

A brief recap of Nash Hash 2019.


Hanmer Springs Forest Camp, Hanmer Springs 7334. View their web site at


Over 300 registrations. Half from NZ. Then just over 100 from Australia, with 20-30 from both UK and USA. A handful from Brunei and Cyprus.  Higgins from Brussels. 


- Thursday 31 January 12.45pm: “The Weka Run” (Train Ride, Booze, Goodie Bag and Winery) About 90 on this enjoyable afternoon train ride and vineyard visit. 

- Thursday 31 January 6pm : “Fat Catz Run” -  Over 100 based at the Waiau Pub.  Short walk across the road to a park for the “run”.  Circle up at historical stocks.  Father put in stocks for starting the whole event. Final walk back across the road to the pub. 

- Friday 1 February 1pm: “The Red Dress”  - 120 hashers raised $4500 for NZ Lung Cancer foundation and in particular a local mother of 2 teenagers – Kate Hodge.  5 Stags pub the starting venue.  6km run and 3km walk.  Circle at park near the pub.  RA’s Hound, Dagy, Ra, Higgins, Recycled Virgin.  Egg throwing and weetbix eating competitions.  Finally drinking sponsored keg back at 5 Stags. 


There were 3 choices of runs - Long, Medium and Short.

The runners were treated to some very challenging terrain.  Up a steep hill with the downside needing ropes to help the descents.   This followed by another frigging big hill, with the descents needing pine trees for support. 

Post Run

Games were the order of the day after runs and lunch.  An enclosed soccer game had the crowd enthralled for some time.  Finally on to downdowns with DT and MiniHaha prevailing in Mens and Womens.  Then the boatraces with some pretty dodgy judging.  Dunedin the winners. 

Circle led by Canterbury RA’s 007, Klingon and Feefiefofum.  Guest spot to Mimi.


The theme for Saturday night was “Leather and Lace”.  Very good band playing.  


NZGM’s meeting saw Pania confirmed as next NH venue and Shunter as incoming NZGM. 

Recovery run and Circle.  

Great work by the NH committee of  SSS, Ding a Ling, 007, Flapper, STD, Dogs and Klingon

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Chris Chong
Australia Nash Hash 3-5 May 2019

Australian Nash Hash was held in far north Queensland -  Port Douglas over the week and weekend of 3rd to 5th May. 

810  attendees including kiwi hashers Xerox (Rotorua)  Mimi, Phlonker and Stroker (Nelson), Puff (Auckland), Bluevain (Mount), Gypsy (NZ) and Fire, DT and He’ll Keep from Wellington.  

Lineup of events

Friday night party with meals and band playing 

Saturday runs over 3 venues – all bused from the main town park venue  ( 1 bus ballbreaker, 1 bus long run,  and the rest a mixture of medium, short and old farts walks/runs.   Plus a bike hash.

Saturday nights entertainment included 7 very good hash acts followed by a band.  There was also a nude run hared by Skiddy. 

Sunday was the GM’s meeting  followed by the Recovery runs  -  a choice of a 3km walk or a 5-7k run/walk back from an open carriage train ride.  

Sunday afternoon -   the downdown (Mens won by Xerox for the 6th time) and the boat races (DT in the winning Penninsula team)   Party on until 5pm.  

Preambles included

  • Monday and Tuesday – Cairns and Trinity hash runs

  • Wednesday - 100kg run -  3km  A to B walk that included 2 pub stops.   This was 10TH and final run organised by Foreskin.  Townsville hashers to take over at Adelaide

  • Thursday - Red Dress Run -  500 hashers on a very scenic run and walk through town, along the beach, and up and over the headland of Port Douglas to a seaside park.  Total funds raised for the Mossman Hospital was $10,500

  • Friday lunches  -   Harriettes, Legends 1000 club and Bussleton. 

  • Nomad and Delinquents run late Friday arvo.  


Australia Nash Hash 2021

Old Adelaide Gaol   19 – 21 March 2021

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Chris Chong
NZ Fat Catz run, Waiau, 31st Jan 2019

Well over a 100 hot and thirsty hashers crowded the Waiau tavern for the 7th ? “running” of the Fat Katz 2019. The usual good natured chaos of pies, beer, tee-shirts and very little exercise. After a few hours of beer and more beer the “run” kicked off with a spring across the road to the park where an old jail soon hosted Father from Rotorua hash - one of only 2 NZ hashes to have chalked up 2000 runs and the originator of NZ Fat Katz. Other fines were dispensed by Xerox and Toyboy before an arduous return journey back to the pub.

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Chris Chong
RED Dress Run, Hanmer Springs, 1st Feb 2019

NH19 RED dress run

120 Hashers started and finished at Five Stags Restaurant Bar. Runners and walkers through the township of Hanmer, with a walk through of the Hot Pools and then the runners covering extra distance through the magnificent bush trails and finally to Dawson Park for the circle and presentation of $4,500 to NZ Lung Cancer ambassador Kate Hodge. A hearty circle with multiple RA’s and multiple multiple charges and songs all overseen by International visitor Higgins. The afternoon wound up with the drinking of a sponsored keg back at the 5 Stags and then on to opening night of Nash Hash
Sign starts at 12, run at 1pm

Great day expected, great cause picked and great company

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Chris Chong
Hash Snippets from Dec Jan 19

Bay of Islands

 Magic and Cannabal bringing a bunch of Brunei hashers to Nash Hash. 


Annual Red Dress run on 15th December saw 20 hashers collect $809 for “Open Arms” homeless charity.  Rummy Mummy, Unsightly Bulge, Dotcom, Toejam and Knotty Nips leading the way vocally. 


GM Sharky wintered in the USA.  Puff also busy out of NZ with Mekong hash and Samoa Apia.   

Auckland Mens

Obs and Revs hosted the annual Combined run at Chelsea Sugar Factory on Boxing Day. 

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DT Deepthroat
Hash snippets from April 2018

Bay of Islands

Good crowd of 9 at Interhash led by Magic and Cannabal


Prickhairyarse closing in on 1500 runs


GM Sharky off to USA for winter.

Auckland Mens

Hosting an Interhash prelube.  Demon on track to become NZ's 3rd 2000+ hasher


AGPU running late -  now mid May.  GM Hard to Port looking to hand over

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Chris Chong
Hash Snippets from Jan-Feb 2017

In geographical order – North to South

Bay of Islands

  • Teazy, Cannabal and Magic Roundabout very busy leading up to NASH Hash. Full line up of BOI hashers running Nash Hash, apart from the above 3, were Screw Loose, Robin Hood, Blackbeard, Braveheart, Cockroach, Em Ander, Tightbolt, Vietnam Vet, TMO, Heavy Metal and Ebeneezer

  • BOI H3 did 500th run 13th February IN Kerikeri as a postamble to Nash Hash. Tight Bolt was in charge.

  • The Splash hash in kayaks at Labor weekend 2016 has not been repeated as yet, but may.

  • JM’s for BOI hash are Heavy Metal and Teazy.

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Chris Chong