AUCKLAND HHH AGM - Monday 26th August

Where Beer is the Spirit

Auckland Hash House Harriers

Trash 26th August 2019 AGM

Mercury Lane

Tractor wasn’t available so Nellie set the run and seemed to forget that it was an AGM and it was

meant to be a short run. One suspected that is being way too kind and he just wanted to make

sure that anyone who had a beer or two before the run suffered accordingly.

There weren’t a lot of runners, Dio, Shakes, Phantom, Bighorn, Bushbanger, Wot Wife and your



Nellie as hare ‘One black one, one white one……’ his vociferous defense of his run resulted in

‘He ought to be publicly….’

Butcher OBE (Old Bastards turned Eighty) shakes presented Butcher with an eighty-year hash

badge ‘Donnie the retard….’

Wot Wife was called up to join him and Bighorn presented them both with a hash foot medallion

on a lanyard. A veritable work of art.

Phantom was fined for bringing the Hash into disrepute (is this even possible?) by walking in front

of Hussies – a group of young females on a pedestrian crossing. Phantom so happily spliced he

no longer notices attractive young women – aging is difficult n’est pas? ‘One black one…..’

Butcher was called back up for a halfzeimers fine for forgetting to take the badge given to him by

the GM – ungrateful swine ‘Take it in your hand….’

Arkles, Gonzo and Cumkwik copped fines as returners ‘Here’s to these three they’re…’

Gawd Knows was fined for forgetting the toilet seat ‘Here’s to Gawd Knows…’

Copped another as next years Hash Cash. ‘You’re dumb….’

Joint Masters are Dio and Demon “they ought to be publicly…’

Xdresser Scribe ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow..?

Loose Change fined for coveting the topless waitresses skirt ‘B-I-M-B-O……’

Trailmaster Demon. ‘Here’s to this prick…’

Xdresser fined for usurping the GM by sending the waitress over to him suggesting he get on with

the circle.

Shakes made himself Registrar

Cum Kwik was made the Fines Master. Given that he lives in Thames one suspects that some

form of telepathy may be required. Skype perhaps? ‘You’re stupid….’

GM was named as China. He attempted to protest and commenced what would have been a long

diatribe had he not been interrupted by the pack who drowned him out with ‘Hold it in your Mrs


Mopiko & Truck were fined for using rickshaws.

Run of the year Nellie – January. This run incapacitated the GM. Good choice.

Worst run of Year – Bighorn. Washed out not too many there and a few food issues. Unlucky for

a bloke who puts so much effort into his runs.

That’s it. So we all went home.

Oh yeah, Dio wandered back in and no, he didn’t break a confidence, he didn’t tell anyone, he told

us, that Butcher had just talked to RUUUUUUTH in the dunny. I guess even at eighty you’re never

too old!

Had a call during the week from Wot Wife. The reason Carmen was not there? He’s had a fall and

is in hospital unable to walk. Spoke to him during the week and he’s not too good, having trouble

with his balance. Spare him a thought or two.

DT Deepthroat