Nomad 2019 @ Bushlands Tangarakau 1st-3RD June

Another great time had by all at Nomad over Queens Birthday weekend .  Over 60 hashers enjoyed the balmy temperatures of Bushlands Campground, 20km from the Iconic Whangamomona pub along the Forgotten Highway. 

Winter was well and truly arrived with a flooded creek and soggy campground.  But with ample firewood stocks brought in by Humpy (Mount) and Big R’s (Energy), there were 2 roaring fires going nearly 24 hours a day. 

The organisers Wantie and Rigid (Energy, Toyboy and WENDY (Takaka),  and Mimi (Nelson) did a fabulous job trucking in the food and booze supplies as well as cooking the meals and generally organising the weekend.  No one went hungry and the booze lasted nicely.   Last keg finished late Sunday night and the cider and cocktails filled the void for the rest of the night.  

The weekend kicked off mid afternoon Saturday with many travellers having an entrée drink at the Whangamomona pub on the way in.  At the Campground good country beers Tui and Speights flowed along with the cider.   A jukebox kept the music going into the night.  Zero temperatures away from the fires but everyone was well prepared for the elements. 

Sunday morning and Capital hashers Handle and Geestring were up early cooking a steady supply of bacon and eggs for the masses.   Hare Rigid announced run start at 11amish.   Word filters through that there will be a keg plus boxes of cider at the Piss-stop.    

Run starts and it is soon apparent that the pack consists of ONE runner (Gaytee Geris) and the rest walkers. Gumboots abounding.  A quad bike, carrying the keg and  driven by one of the camp owners,  passes the pack.  Unfortunately there is a slip, half a km from the PS, which the quad bike cannot get past.  So the sole runner and 3 fast walkers (all from Wellington) have to earn their beer by carrying the full keg to the PS.  This is a very scenic amphitheatre, bathed in sunshine. Valiant attempts by the beer drinkers to cut the keg.  It is finally cut on the journey home with Xerox, Humpy and Duck offering helpful encouragement. 

Circle is led by incoming NZGM Shunter.  Hares and organisers recognized.  First time Nomad hashers Tripod, ABC, Porkbox and High Heels from Wellington and Zebedee and Tuneful Trumper Cyprus, now Palmerston North. Other fines for late and stupid hashers.   Lots of lusty singing. 

Circle over and the traditional cocktail party is soon in full swing.   Red Riding Hood, Teazmaid and LGFM are the early cocktail hostesses.   It is not long before the guitars come out with Xerox and Perky a great duo.  Revs is soon singing her best hash songs.   A number of the campground owners join the party. 

 As darkness descends Mongo treats the Hash to a memorable fireworks display.   One large banger explodes in the fire drum, accompanied soon after by a rather insincere “sorry” from Mongo.

Dinner served and the jukebox, guitarists, singers and cocktails continue into the night.  

Monday morning and it is breakfast and clean-up time.   Congratulations to everyone for a great weekend.   

DT Deepthroat