NZ Bid for Interhash 2022

I have confirm to Trinidad and Tobago that New Zealand will be bidding for the 2022 Interhash. It has taken a bit to put together which included even talking to another town in NZ but we have found a great location. We have partnered with Cargo Brewery in the Gibson Valley in Queenstown for February 2022 pencilled in.


Our current committee is 12 hashers including the current NZGM, members from Christchurch and Dunedin clubs plus the only known Hasher living in Queenstown. We will open this up to 30 members if successful and hope that every NZ hasher will want to be a part of the event. In time we will be asking clubs to host a pre set run at Queenstown. At this point we have a great team but welcome advice if you have contacts in the area or can bring something to help.


The events of Fiji was an experience which saw us come second by just 300 votes. As most know there was a lot of double voting plus a lot of meetings as Fiji tried to change the Interhash event. At this point Fiji again, India and China are bidding with rumours with Turkey maybe. It does look good for us but likewise anything could happen but New Zealand does have about 75 hashers going. I do hope I have your support and likewise if there is an issue talk to me direct.


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