Nelson 25th Anniversary including 1500th Run Nov 15-17

Friday drinks from 6pm. (Post Boy Hotel)

Saturday 10am – 1500th run from Branford Park, Maitai Valley, same location as Run #1

Saturday 2pm to 6pm – Mystery Bus Tour.

Sunday 10am – 3pm Social gathering and  lunch at Tasman Bay Cruising Club.

Costs for Events We have separated the costs, so join in for any or all events.

Friday night Buy your own drinks  

Event Rego. Saturday 1500th run $15 Run patch, lunch, down-downs  Bring your own  drinks

Saturday Mystery Bus * $20 first drinks, down-downs, snacks You supply  extra drinks

Sunday 25th Lunch $25 Lunch, down-downs  Buy your own  drinks

Total cost for all events $60

Mystery Bus Tour is on at the same time as Nelson Cider Festival, but Cider Fest goers will be able to meet up again Saturday evening.

Accommodation is NOT provided in rego.

Please register now to Shaggus at

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